About DaisyBisley

 Graphic Design || Lettering || Weddings || General Nerdyness   

DaisyBisley is really me, Claire Satera – graphic designer & letterer working in Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve been creating things since I discovered sellotape and could hold a crayon.

{Insert training montage here}

After I graduated from UWS with a degree in animation, I began designing freelance and somehow found myself making clothes and guiding people to their seats in a theatre. I finally landed my first adult graphic design job in 2013 at the tender age of 28 and continue to happily annoy my colleagues to this day.

Why DaisyBisley? Because Spaced – Daisy Steiner & Tim Bisley that’s why!

True LoveOne fateful day in 2014 I stumbled upon a brush pen and started lettering.  Behold! I had discovered my one true love (other than my husband) and true love is the greatest thing in the world. I’ve since put letters on a whole load of crazy things for some super cool folk and making them happy with my work is the business!

title2-02What can I do for you? Well, I can put some letters on stuff! If you’re looking for custom prints of your favourite quotes or trying to find that awesome gift for someone awesome, I can help. I also offer lettered stationery, decor, favours and chalkboards for weddings, parties or any other type of shindig you’re planning.

aboutWhen I’m not messing around with pens and letters, you can find me buying pens, stalking other letterers and skaters on Instagram, watching Star Trek or The Princess Bride for the gazillionth time or on a pair of skates trying to figure out the rules of Roller Derby.


Photo credit ©Tub of Jelly
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