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Welcome to

Welcome to

Hello, my name is Claire (aka DaisyBisley) and it appears it’s been a while since my last post.

A lot has happened in the time away, there have been ups and downs, some more downs and then ups again. I’m not going to tell you everything that’s happened, but instead tell you whats changed. This blog before was meant for me to share my adventures in trying to live more positively and my design work. Neither of those things really came to much as I was too busy being hard on myself and seeing others’ success as my failure. Not a good way to be, especially when you’re a creative and you’re already super hard on yourself!

So what’s changed?… Lettering!


I’ve always been able to write fancy, doodling words all over my school books and prided myself on having pretty cool handwriting (when it’s not an unreadable scrawl of ridiculousness). But it wasn’t until late 2014 when I started to notice incredible letter artists all over Instagram sharing their beautiful work, that I realised all that doodling of words might have been useful. I scrolled through feeds endlessly and decided to give it a go, starting a 365 that included a Christmas countdown and taking on as many lettering challenges as I could. I wrote hello, minimum and aluminium about a million times and strived to get better. Taking Skillshare class after Skillshare class, reading book after book and even signing up for Sean Wes’ Learn Lettering class. It was so much fun learning from all these amazingly talented people and it still is. The learning never stops!


Its changed everything, my understanding of design, its process, typography and how I look at the fonts and art around me. Its even changed how I feel about my own art. For the first time, in a long time I’m happy with my work, see that I am good at it and that others enjoy it – that’s what art and design are all about.


It has led me down a path I never thought I’d find myself on with my career, weddings.  I’m taking bookings for wedding stationery, hand lettered prints and chalkboard design and in the process have met some of the most talented and awesome people in Scotland’s wedding industry. I also get to hang out with these cool folk!


So this is DaisyBisley now: Design, lettering and wedding goodies! Welcome to my new website and blog. Here is my little space on the web where I’ll share my work, things and artists that inspire me (and hopefully you too) and some occasional wedding chat.  I also hope to build up a bank of resources for like minded folk who love lettering as much as I do or want to give it a go for the first time.


The last year has been a good one and things seem to be getting even better with my lettering adventures, I can’t wait to share with you where DaisyBisley is going next…

If you’re looking for some unique wedding stationery or your favourite quote hand lettered give me a shout using the contact page or the buttons below.

Much lettery love

Work in Progress: Wedding Card for Joni + Joe

Work In Progress- Wedding Design

I kept this one a bit quiet as Joni and Joe have the occasional nosey over on my Facebook page and I didn’t want them to see this before their wedding last Friday. So here it is, Joni & Joe’s Wedding Card.



 I also designed Joni and Joe’s wedding invite a while back and this is what they used to create their amazing favours. I pinched a couple so I could eat one and then keep one, it’s now hanging up in the office.

I couldn’t have been happier to design their wedding invites and wedding card. Knowing that I helped towards someone’s special gives me a massive hit of the warm ‘n’ fuzzies and is definitely something I could get used to so if you have a wedding coming up or are looking for a uniquely designed card for someone you know, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout!

Design Inspiration: More Wedding Suppliers


Yesterday we had the pleasure of watching another awesome couple get hitched, which means we’re at the end of our two week wedding frenzy so I have another wedding themed Finds of the Week for you. This time however,  instead of random finds, I’ve picked two amazing wedding illustrators.



Jolly Edition Illustration


Jolly Edition Illustration


Jolly Edition Illustration
Jolly Edition are my newest find from a Google hunt for wedding illustrators. They’re style is so unique and beautiful and my the typography in the first image is just ridiculously pretty!
I love their bespoke bride and groom portraits too, they’re so lovely, romantic and they just feel so warm and loving. Yup I’m in love with these guys’ illustrations!

Julie Ann Art

Julie Ann Art


Julie Ann Art


Julie Ann Art
I’ve been a fan of Julie Ann’s work now for a while, it’s totally different from anything I’ve ever seen. I bought one of her awesome cards for our anniversary in March for Peter and another for my brothers birthday and both of them loved their cards. Julie Ann’s designs never fail to bring a smile to my face. They’re quirky, funny and cute as hell! If you’re looking for a card that’s a little bit different, head over to Julie Ann Art, you will not be disappointed!

What do you guys think? Do you love these talented folk as much as I do?